*Masks are required for all customers.*

  • This is a flea market. The majority of items are used. Unless specified in writing, assume that there is no guarantee, warranty, or return/refund policy.  

  • Bringing your pet: Well-mannered pets on a leash are always welcome. If you or your dog is not well-socialized or is aggressive with other humans or with other dogs, please stay at home with them.

  • If your dog has an "accident" in the building, please be prepared to clean up after them. 

  • Expo Square maintains the food/drink concession. If you have problems, please contact 918-744-1113. We have nothing to do with the menu, pricing, service, or staff. 

  • Dollies are available for moving out purchased items, such as furniture. Please ask for assistance.

  •  Individuals or groups are not permitted to solicit customers or vendors for the purposes of selling or promoting items, services, or other events. You may not pass out fliers, cards, or other information. Petitions, raffles, or give-away items are not allowed. The Tulsa Fairgrounds/ Expo Square is not public property. The Tulsa Flea Market is a privately owned business leasing a Tulsa County facility. The Tulsa Flea Market has full discretion over the activity conducted in that facility.

  • We strive to maintain an enjoyable shopping environment for everyone and do our best to maintain a casual and friendly atmosphere. Anyone who appears to be intoxicated or behaves in a manner that is threatening, violent, or otherwise contrary to polite and civil conduct may be asked to leave the premises on a temporary or permanent basis, if the need arises.

  • We WILL prosecute shoplifters. 

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